The Cosmic Soaper has become extremely popular with people who choose a simple, eco-based lifestyle using quality products.

Although chemical or synthetic fragrances are available at a much cheaper cost, we value quality over quantity and use only healthy and wholesome ingredients. Our focus is creating aromatherapy blends using only natural essential oils that stimulate your mood and well-being.

No animal products and no chemical fragrances are allowed at The Cosmic Soaper. We are committed to the environment, its sustainability, its people and all living beings. We also value transparency and have taken the “Truth in Labeling Pledge.” No junk. No lie. Soap with integrity!

The Cosmic Soaper studio is a calm, peaceful environment located in Fair Oaks, CA. Our name comes from an understanding that while the cosmos and universe are vast, we can individually harness positive source energy to create a better life for ourselves and those around us.